Team Biographies

Never Fast Enough is a team that is dedicated to drag racing and advertising. We have been in the sport for many years and know what it takes to win and get our sponsors noticed.

Brad Udell
Car owner and driver. He is a hard working Construction Manager who has been in the business for the last 12 years. Racing has been in his blood since the time he was born. As a young child he toured the NHRA division 7 tour with his family. Father Brent and Uncle Rob both raced in the Super Gas and Super Street classes for many years. Brad has been racing since the time he got his drivers license and has progressed from weekend trips to the track in his daily driver to an all out low 8 second race car. The car was built by Brad and crew over the last 8 years and was bracket raced for a few seasons. He then decided to go Heads Up racing 3 years ago and has never looked back. It is a constant progression through trying new parts and tuning the suspension and drive train.

Brent Udell
Crew Chief and electrical. Brent has been involved in drag racing for 30 + years and has been working as an electrician for even longer. The experience in wiring and troubleshooting hard to diagnose problems is an advantage we have over a lot of our competitors.

Dana Sniff
Transmission and drive train. Dana is the owner operator of Dana Sniff Racing Transmissions in Irvine CA. He has been racing since the 70’s and building high performance transmissions for just as long. Having someone with his knowledge of parts and components is a vital factor in the equation of winning.

Mark Winchester
Mark is the owner and operator of Winchester Metal Works in Colton CA. Which is a custom metal fabrication shop specializing in creating products and developing ideas for the automotive and off-road community.

Lang Paciulli
Suspension and fabrication. Lang is the owner and operator of LP Racing in Rancho Cucamonga CA which is a fab shop for race cars and radical street cars. The shop works on and builds some of the fastest cars you will see in the heads up classes at any race on the west coast.

Lily Udell
Marketing and hospitality. Lily is the glue that holds it all together. She makes sure everyone has the proper credentials, the crew is fed and everything runs smoothly behind the scenes. She films all of the runs and tows the car to the staging lanes with the golf cart. Most importantly she takes care of the sponsors that make this whole thing possible.

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