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Never Fast Enough Racing 2015 Sponsorship Proposal                                     


The Advertising Market/ What Your Company Will Receive For Your Investment:

Why should you spend your hard earned money to advertise with team NFE? The answer is target marketing! Target marketing is direct advertising to over 10,000 potential new customers in your local market on an average race weekend.There is a reason why so many large corporate companies invest in Motorsports Advertising, because it WORKS! People that are going to the track for races and reading the magazines are potential customers. These potential customers are passionate about performance products and services. Motorsports has and always will be a great market for companies to advertise and get there brand seen. Research has shown that when faced with a choice between two similar companies a person that is interested in Motorsports is more likely to choose the company that advertises in Motorsports.

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Advertising Options and Details:

Platinum Sponsorship: The full race season and several test sessions. Your company’s logo will be exclusively featured on the car, trailer, crew shirts, driving suite, golf cart and truck in any size desired. This will include the right to install a full wrap of the race car and trailer. Your employees in sales will be allowed to set up in our pit to dispense your company’s literature to potential clients. The Platinum sponsorship includes as many as 3 non race appearances with the car per season for events of your choice as long as they don’t interfere with the race schedule. Any photos the team has are available for you to use for any of your own marketing as well. The model package is another tool at your disposal which will include female models at the track wearing your company’s attire.

Gold Sponsorship: The full race season and several test sessions. Your company’s logo will be seen with NFE’s other sponsors. Your company’s logo will be displayed approx 7in by 16in and installed on both sides of the car and trailer. The Gold sponsorship includes 1 non race appearance with the car per season for events of your choice as long as they don’t interfere with the race schedule. We will hand out your companies literature in the pits.

Silver Sponsorship: Is a race by race program. The Silver sponsorship  has the same great advertising benefits as the Gold sponsorship just on a race by race basis. This will not include a non race appearance with the car.

Product Sponsorship: NFE is always looking to try new parts that might further the performance of the car. Drag racing is the best opportunity to show the performance of your product. NFE is a team that is constantly pushing the limits to be on the cutting edge of the sport. We are open to all parts manufacturers and would like to hear from your company about advertising opportunities.

For further details on any of our advertising packages or to have NFE design a package specifically for you please call 714 225-5193 or email 


At The Track:

At the track on average there is an excess of 10,000 people on a race weekend at our local tracks. The magazine and online markets are more than 500,000 people. On this page it lists the average statistics of the people attending these races  The races are promoted on the radio,TV and broadcast online to keep new spectators coming to watch. The people attending these races are your target demographic.In the pits on an average weekend we have dozens of different groups of people that come up and talk about the car with me or my crew this is where we can hand out your companies literature. They look over the car closely and take pictures of the car. We are very friendly with fans and happy to talk to people that are interested in what we are doing. We have several people on our team that take pictures and videos of each run. We set up in car videos and will be putting videos up on the team’s website and  Your Company has an opportunity to advertise to a direct market of your target demographic which in turn will help your company grow. Your company’s information will also appear on our website with a link to your website. The more people see your company’s name the more likely they will be to think of your company when they buy products or services. Your name becomes a performance associated brand to people. We will take your company’s advertising flyers or business cards and hand them out at the track. Taking customers to a race to watch YOUR CAR race is another good marketing tool that you will have at your disposal. I will personally put the car on display at events of your company’s choice if you so desire. The car will definitely get people’s attention at any event. There are several ways your advertising will be seen. Not only at the track but on the road to the track on the tow vehicle and trailer which is a 9ft X 24ft moving billboard (YOUR NAME HERE). As well as when the trailer is parked in storage or at the track there is thousands of potential customers that will be driving by your logo on a daily basis. There is also advertising available on the tow vehicle which is an extremely clean GMC Sierra 2500. A lot of miles are logged towing to races and test sessions, approx. 5,000 miles a year on average with a spotless driving record.

Racing Accomplishments:

NFE (Brad Udell) finished 7th in overall points for the 2014 season in the NMCA NA 10.5 class. 2014 was a very successful year and a lot of progress was made at the end of the year. At SCSN we qualified in the #4 spot of the fastest cars in the country.The car keeps running faster each time out and lowering the personal best. With the advancement in performance that was made this year the car will qualify in a much better spot and win many more rounds. In 2013 NFE took a top ten finish in overall points even with loosing an engine during the season. In 2012 NFE finished 5th in overall points in the 2012 in the NMCA NA 10.5 class. This was our rookie season racing in a heads up class. We made huge improvements throughout the last 3 seasons and have become a very serious contender for the championship in 2015.  In 2011 NFE finished second in our debut Hot Street race at the World Finals in Fontana. From 2009 to 2011 we raced in the bracket classes for a few seasons to get used to driving the car and tuning it. We won lots rounds and went to the finals 3 times.


Team Biography:

Never Fast Enough is a team that is dedicated to drag racing and advertising. We have been in the sport for many years and know what it takes to win and get our sponsors noticed.

Brad Udell: Car owner and driver. He is a hard working Construction Manager who has been in the business for the last 12 years. Racing has been in his blood since the time he was born. As a young child he toured the NHRA division 7 tour with his family. Father Brent and Uncle Rob both raced in the Super Gas and Super Street classes for many years. Brad has been racing since the time he got his driver’s license and has progressed from weekend trips to the track in his daily driver to an all-out low 8 second race car. The car was built by Brad and crew over the last 8 years and was bracket raced for a few seasons. He then decided to go Heads Up racing 2 years ago and has never looked back. It is a constant progression through trying new parts and tuning the suspension and drivetrain.


packing the parachute

Brent Udell: Crew Chief and electrical. Brent has been involved in drag racing for 30 + years and has been working as an electrician for even longer. The experience in wiring and troubleshooting hard to diagnose problems is an advantage we have over a lot of our competitors.

Dana Sniff: Transmission and drive train. Dana is the owner operator of Dana Sniff Racing Transmissions in Irvine CA. He has been racing since the 70’s and building high performance transmissions for just as long. Having someone with his knowledge of parts and components is a vital factor in the equation of winning.

Lang Paciulli: Suspension and fabrication. Lang is the owner and operator of LP Racing in Ontario, CA which is a fab shop for race cars and radical street cars. The shop works on and builds some of the fastest cars you will see in the heads up classes at any race on the west coast.

Tow vehicle and trailer:

2005 GMC Sierra Duramax Diesel 4X4 quad cab fully loaded dark grey (to match the car). 2006 Haulmark 24ft box trailer fully loaded with tools and necessary equipment. The trailer is white and free of any stickers (your logo here!!). 2009 Club Car golf cart (extremely clean) to tow the car to and from the pits to the track and take the crew where ever they need to go.

Organizations and classes we race:

National Muscle Car Association West: NA 10.5

Pacific Street Car Association: Hot Street

Race locations:  Pomona, CA.  Fontana, CA.  Bakersfield, CA.  Irwindale, CA.  Barona, CA.  Las Vegas NV.

RBN parachute

Never Fast Enough Racing feels that this will be a great partnership that will benefit both parties involved greatly. We look forward to the future of our companies working together.

For further information please email or call Brad Udell 714-225-5193.

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